SJR Linemarking


Enhancing Victoria's Infrastructure

At SJR Linemarking, we take pride in providing exceptional line marking services across Victoria, including the Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula regions. Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of projects, accommodating various sizes and budgets. If your project isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here to assist you.

Long-life Main Road Marking

Ensure road safety and compliance with durable and approved road markings. Our VicRoads-approved longlife main road markings withstand diverse weather conditions, maintaining visibility and guiding drivers. Experience enhanced road safety and reliability with our precision line marking solutions.

Custom Paint Line Marking & Line Marking Refresh

Tailor line marking solutions to suit unique industry needs. Our custom line markings cater to diverse requirements, whether creating industry-specific markings or implementing innovative designs. Experience bespoke solutions that redefine spaces and cater to specific needs.

Car Park Line Marking

Optimise your parking area with well-organised spaces that maximise capacity and convenience. Whether setting out a new car park or refreshing existing markings, our expertise ensures efficient traffic flow and a positive visitor experience.

Playgrounds & Play Areas Line Marking

Create safe and engaging playgrounds for children to enjoy. Our playground line markings combine vibrant visuals with safety considerations, ensuring children have a secure and exciting space to play. From hopscotch to imaginative games, our markings transform ordinary playgrounds into rich play zones.

School Line Marking

Enhance educational spaces with precise line markings that ensure safety and aesthetics for students. Our expert team creates visually appealing school environments that inspire active engagement and enjoyment.

Sports Court Line Marking

Transform recreational spaces with precise line markings that ensure safety and aesthetics for athletes. Our expert team creates visually appealing sports courts that inspire active engagement and enjoyment.

Truck Bays Line Marking

Efficiently manage loading and unloading zones for logistics and warehouses. Our precise line markings ensure organised truck pathways, enhancing efficiency and safety during the loading and unloading. Create a seamless and secure logistics environment with our expert line marking solutions.

Factory Safety Line Marking

Prioritise safety in your industrial facility with clear and prominent line markings. Define walkways, hazard zones, and pathways for equipment, ensuring a secure environment for your workforce. Our precision line markings help prevent accidents and streamline operations.

Our Tailored Solutions

Our comprehensive services cater to the diverse needs of businesses, and we’re committed to boosting your operational efficiency. Here’s an overview of our prominent offerings in the Victoria region:

Precise Line Marking Solutions

Our meticulous approach ensures accurate line markings for diverse applications. From roads to car parks, pedestrian walkways to safety zones, we deliver precision that enhances both functionality and safety.

Customised Project Management

Regardless of your project's size, our adaptable solutions cater to your specific requirements. We're dedicated to delivering results that align with your vision and goals.

Budget-friendly Options

We understand the importance of working within budget constraints. Our services encompass a range of budgets, allowing you to find a solution that suits your financial parameters.

Collaborative Approach

SJR Linemarking values communication and collaboration. We're here to listen to your needs, answer your questions, and provide expert guidance to achieve the best outcomes.

Contact us today to explore how SJR Linemarking can contribute to your success in Victoria. Let’s work together to create high-quality results that align with your goals.

For customers that require regular or annual linemarking

Many companies opt to treat line marking as a regular annual expense. This ensures that business car parks are always looking clear for customers as well as all safety line marking remaining visible at all times.

​If this is a service we can provide you with reach out today and we’ll send you a custom 1-1 offer exclusive to your business.