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Custom Paint Line Marking & Line Marking Refresh

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Custom Line Marking Solutions in Melbourne

SJR Linemarking goes beyond the conventional with our Custom Paint Linemarking service. While car parks are a common application, our expertise extends to various custom projects. Whether it’s safety warehouse linemarking, unique designs, or specialised markings, we bring precision and longevity to the ground.

Elevating Beyond the Ordinary

Our custom line markings hold a strategic significance beyond their visual appeal. Picture markings that guide intricate machinery in a factory define specialised zones within a warehouse or even exhibit distinct graphics that embody your brand identity. These markings are more than mere visuals – they are tools that optimise spaces, enhance operations, and contribute to safety.

Precision and Innovation at the Core

At SJR Linemarking, precision is the cornerstone of our practice. Each marking is carefully crafted to align seamlessly with your industry's demands. Whether transforming traditional spaces into remarkable environments or creating markings that harmonise perfectly with your industry's objectives, our custom line markings exemplify quality and adaptability.

Transforming Spaces, Empowering Industries

Our custom line markings transcend aesthetics; they encapsulate innovation, adaptability, and a sense of purpose. Explore the potential of bespoke solutions that surpass industry expectations and bring about meaningful change.

Open the door to new horizons with SJR Linemarking. Contact us today to discuss your line marking needs. Together, we can forge custom solutions that redefine the landscape of your industry and make a lasting impact.


Tailored Solutions

Our Custom Paint Linemarking is perfect for businesses seeking specific linemarking designs and applications that go beyond standard car parks.


From warehouses to industrial facilities and public spaces, we can create custom markings that suit your unique requirements.

Enhanced Safety

Clearly marked pathways, zones, and instructions contribute to a safer environment for employees, visitors, and vehicles.

Distinct Identity

Custom linemarkings can reinforce your brand identity and set your space apart with unique designs and colours.



Improve safety and organisation with clear linemarkings that delineate pathways, zones, and safety areas.

Industrial Sites

Mark out loading zones, hazardous areas, and workspaces for smoother operations.

Commercial Complexes

Enhance aesthetics and functionality with custom markings that guide visitors and users.

Public Areas

Create designated parking spaces, walking paths, and recreational zones for better user experience.

SJR Linemarking

Linemarking Refresh Melbourne

SJR Linemarking’s Linemarking Refresh service breathes new life into existing markings. Over time, linemarkings fade and wear due to weather and usage. Our refresh service reinvigorates these markings, enhancing visibility and safety.



Linemarking Refresh is a budget-friendly option compared to completely redoing linemarkings.

Improved Safety

Faded markings can lead to confusion. Refreshed markings ensure clear guidance for pedestrians and drivers.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Crisp, refreshed linemarkings improve the overall look of your space.

Quick Turnaround

Our efficient refresh process minimises disruption to your operations


Car Parks

Revive faded parking space markings for a more orderly and user-friendly parking area.

Roads and Streets

Enhance road safety by refreshing faded lane markings, crosswalks, and directional arrows.

Playgrounds and Schools

Renew play area markings and school zones for the safety of children and pedestrians.

Industrial Sites

Ensure clear safety markings in warehouses and factories for the well-being of employees.

Enhance Road Safety with Our Clear Road Marking Services

At SJR Linemarking, road safety is a paramount concern. Our expertise doesn’t stop at custom paint linemarking and linemarking refresh; we also offer comprehensive road marking services to ensure safe and clear roadways. Our visible road marking services encompass the application and refreshment of lane markings, crosswalks, directional arrows, and other essential road signs. By enhancing visibility and guiding drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, we contribute to a safer road environment for everyone. Whether it’s creating new road markings or refreshing faded ones, our dedication to precision and longevity ensures that road users can navigate with confidence. Trust SJR Linemarking to keep roads safe and well-marked in Victoria.

For customers that require regular or annual linemarking

Many companies opt to treat line marking as a regular annual expense. This ensures that business car parks are always looking clear for customers as well as all safety line marking remaining visible at all times.

​If this is a service we can provide you with reach out today and we’ll send you a custom 1-1 offer exclusive to your business.