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VicRoads Approved Long-life Main Road Marking

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Setting the Standard with VicRoads Approved Longlife Main Road Markings

Safeguarding road users and adhering to regulations is at the heart of what we do. Introducing our specialised service: VicRoads Approved Longlife Main Road Markings. These are not just markings; they’re a commitment to durability, visibility, and road safety, officially endorsed by VicRoads.

Reliability Through Durability

Our focus is crystal clear – to provide road markings that endure the test of time. Our VicRoads Approved Longlife Main Road Markings are meticulously crafted to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted visibility and dependable guidance for drivers. Our dedication to road safety shines through in these VicRoads-approved line markings, built to last and to serve as reliable navigational aids consistently.

Reliability Through Durability

Imagine driving along a road where markings remain effortlessly visible, regardless of the weather. Our precision line marking solutions transform this imagination into reality, heightening road safety and empowering drivers to navigate their journeys confidently. By opting for our VicRoads-approved longlife central road markings, you're not merely making a choice – you're investing in a transportation network that's safer, more dependable, and designed with the well-being of road users in mind.

Our line markings seamlessly integrate into the road infrastructure, symbolising a commitment to both longevity and quality. Experience the peace of mind from driving on roads where visibility is never compromised, and our markings consistently guide you towards safer travels.

A Safer Roadway Future

Elevate road safety standards with SJR Linemarking's expert solutions. Our VicRoads Approved Longlife Main Road Markings reflect our unwavering commitment to creating durable roadways and actively prioritising all road users' safety and visibility. Your decision to partner with us is a step towards enhancing road safety and cultivating an environment where each journey is safeguarded.

Take the road to safer travels with us. Choose SJR Linemarking to leave a lasting impact on roadways' safety, reliability, and overall experience. Contact us today to play your part in constructing a transportation landscape that champions safety, visibility, and the well-being of everyone who travels upon it.

Best For

Our Longlife Road Linemarking service is ideal for various scenarios where road markings demand exceptional durability:


Ensure clear guidance for drivers on highways and motorways with long-lasting road markings.

Urban Roads

Maintain visible lane markings and safety zones on frequently travelled urban roads.

Industrial Zones

Enhance safety and orderliness in areas with heavy vehicle and machinery traffic.

Commercial Routes

Ensure road markings remain intact on routes frequently used by delivery vehicles and commuters.


The importance of Longlife Road Linemarking lies in its ability to withstand harsh conditions while providing clear guidance:


Our specialised solutions offer longevity, ensuring road markings remain visible even under heavy traffic and adverse weather

Safety Enhancement

Clear and durable road markings contribute to safe navigation for all road users, reducing the risk of accidents

Traffic Flow

Well-maintained road markings help maintain organised traffic flow, preventing congestion and ensuring efficient travel

Asphalt Linemarking Melbourne

SJR Linemarking offers Asphalt Linemarking solutions that ensure visibility and longevity on surfaces subjected to frequent use. Traditional chlorinated rubber-based paint might not suffice for high-traffic areas, which is why we provide options like thermoplastic preform, epoxy, longlife CAP, or Grimpmax.

Best For

Asphalt Linemarking is ideal for areas requiring robust and visible markings:

Car Parks

Maintain clear directional and parking markings in busy car parks.

Industrial Areas

Enhance safety and orderliness in industrial zones with heavy vehicle traffic

Public Spaces

Ensure well-defined pedestrian walkways and safety zones in public areas

Recreational Facilities

Mark out play areas and pathways in recreational spaces for user safety


The significance of Asphalt Linemarking lies in its ability to provide durability and visibility on frequently used surfaces:


High-contrast and durable markings improve visibility for both drivers and pedestrians, reducing the risk of accidents.

Surface Compatibility

Our range of products ensures optimal adhesion and visibility on asphalt surfaces.

Safety Assurance

Clear and well-defined markings contribute to a safe environment for all users, enhancing overall pedestrian and vehicle safety.

Enhanced Road Safety with Durable Linemarkings Melbourne

Road safety is of paramount importance, and our commitment to providing durable and enhanced linemarkings for roads and asphalt surfaces reflects this concern. With our specialised solutions such as thermoplastic preform, epoxy, longlife CAP, or Grimpmax, we ensure that road markings remain vivid and intact even under heavy traffic and challenging weather conditions. These long-lasting markings contribute to clear navigation, reduced congestion, and minimised risks for all road users. By prioritising visibility and durability, we actively contribute to creating safer road environments that benefit both pedestrians and drivers. Trust SJR Linemarking to play a vital role in enhancing road safety through our durable and highly visible linemarking solutions.

For customers that require regular or annual linemarking

Many companies opt to treat line marking as a regular annual expense. This ensures that business car parks are always looking clear for customers as well as all safety line marking remaining visible at all times.

​If this is a service we can provide you with reach out today and we’ll send you a custom 1-1 offer exclusive to your business.